How to Connect with Influential People from the Start

By Gwen Elliot

Working in the media for almost 10 years, I’ve learned some helpful tips and advice on how you can connect with literally anyone.

From Buckingham Palace to New York Times Best-selling authors, to recently Gene Simmons (who we booked for an episode on The Naked Entrepreneur), it’s possible for you to connect with anyone.

Top 4 Secrets for Connecting with Influential People

1. Clarity in why you’re reaching out
2. Offer before you ask.
3. Follow Up.
4. Gratitude when they come through.

In this 50 page eBook, How to Connect with Influential People When You’re First Starting Out, I also share:

1. My email formula + templates
2. The absolute ‘do’s’ and ‘do not do’s of connecting
3. How to free yourself from ‘analysis paralysis’ and start

For much more, download the full eBook here.

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