Holiday Selling Tips: Using Content and Online Marketing

As much as gift-giving takes place in person, businesses need to focus on the online.

The idea is that your holiday efforts will be driving more people to purchase from you online. Is your website ready? It’s a critical gateway for your company, so you should consider investing in it if you’re going to fully take advantage of the giving season. The team at Now Creative Group can help!

Here are a few tips on how to take action:

Invest in Mobile

Make sure your website is mobile-optimized. Ensure that when users land on your site from their mobile devices they can navigate, search, choose, and pay for their selections quickly and easily. That includes the checkout experience, too. Make it easy for customers to pay on a small screen with as few clicks as possible. Adding a PayPal button, for instance, gives your customers a shortcut to purchase.

Clean Up and Optimize Your Website

Do a thorough review of your website (if you have one). Make sure your homepage promotes your best-selling products. Make sure shoppers can easily navigate your product pages, add items to their cart, and pay quickly and easily. Offering payment options like PayPal is a good way to help shorten the path from selection to completed purchase. Also, ask your developer to perform stress testing before you get inundated with all those new visitors. You don’t want your site experiencing any problems when customers are trying to buy. And speaking of testing, don’t forget to test out any new additions or redesigns. All of this should be done well in advance of your holiday campaigns.

Invest in Search

Go through your search engine optimization (SEO) carefully. The algorithms change all the time, so you may need to update your keywords and re-design outdated pages. Also consider investing in online advertising and retargeting tools to specially promote your holiday activities

Re-Visit Social Media

If you use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or other social media to promote your business, do a full review of your activities. Make sure your pages are up to date, updated often, and are ready for more engagement once your holiday activities begin. Most social media applications integrate with e-commerce to make selling your items faster and easier, along with advertising options to help you promote your holiday events and activities.

Content marketing is a strong way to build your community and then stay in touch.

When you’ve set up your plans for the year, build a schedule of content around the holidays you’re promoting. Blog. Send emails. Tweet. Post on Facebook and LinkedIn. Driving content through your website will support what you’re doing for each holiday.

Make sure to make your interactions meaningful, which you can do by personalizing your email content. Inform or entertain customers by sending links to holiday-themed blogs, newsletters, online videos—they don’t have to be your own. Include holiday promotion and special offers in your emails.

Launch your holiday promotions through social channels such as Facebook and Twitter, offering special promotions for those who follow you online. It can help you grow your brand and generate sales—especially through referrals. Fans are likely to forward your emails, bringing first time visitors to your site.


The article above was provided by PayPal and written by Gene Marks. Gene is a columnist, author, and small business owner. He writes daily for The New York Times newspaper and weekly for Forbes magazine, The Huffington Post website, Inc. magazine, Entrepreneur.com, Fox Business and Philadelphia Magazine.

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