Give your customers permission to love you

We continually see people struggle to wrap their head around marketing today. I don’t blame them. Most of us are just unaware of the fundamental shift that has happened in the marketing industry. We tend to focus on the complexity of new technology, the fast pace of innovation and the latest social media channels. We get lost in the social media hype.

I try to explain marketing in a more human way. I see it as a simple change in how consumers and brands interact with each other. Our customers or even potential customers can become engaged with our brands and connect with them easier than ever before. They get to choose if they want our content and where they want that content delivered. This gives our audience a level of control that previously didn’t exist.

Draw your customers in

Seth Godin first introduced me to pull marketing in his book Permission Marketing. He explains the importance of the shift from push marketing (interruptive) to pull marketing (permission-based). To me this concept is essencial to understand because pulling your customers toward you is far more effective than pushing a message upon people who are not interested. It is also the most important thing to realize when creating social media content. Brands need to act like magnets and draw people in with content that matters, has value and is sharable.

With permission comes responsibility

Take a few moments to think of some brands you have a relationship with. Think about how they got your permission and the value of this relationship to you. How did they pull you in?

Now, think of your brand. What is your pull? How are you giving and sharing with your audience in a way that is meaningful?

Technology doesn’t matter as much as the relationship does. The next time you are stumped with marketing or social media, simply think about what people need from you or what values you share and then create content from this place. When we respect the people who create our brand, we become like a magnet.

It’s no different in marketing than it is in life. We like things that make us feel good.

By Heather Briggs, Brand Strategist

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