Enabling education opportunities for local youth: The FYI Future Fund

For Youth Initiative is ending the cycle of inequity that youth from vulnerable communities face

The FYI Future Fund makes post-secondary education possible for youth who need it most, as they prepare for the future.

Now Creative Group is proud to be supporting For Youth Initiative as they fundraise to help 25 of these youth in Toronto through their 2020 scholarship campaign.

The community the organization is based in is York-South Weston, which has the lowest household income in the Greater Toronto Area ⁠— but it’s also home to some talented and ambitious youth, and they’ve committed to supporting them for the past 15 years.

If you’re able to, we invite you to contribute towards the goal of the campaign this month. Support the Campaign

The history, community and the need for education funding

Since 2005, FYI’s Future Fund has awarded over $86,000 to 61 youth.  FYI has been providing funds to youth in YSW who are attending post-secondary institutions, including college, university, trade schools, and certificate programs, since 2005 in the form of a scholarship. The scholarship is open to all youth in YSW and includes both new students and students already enrolled in a post-secondary program.

“With increased support, we can expand the support we provide to also offset costs for high school students who are facing barriers to applying due to application fees or not having access to a credit card through the FYI Future Fund. FYI is dedicated to ensuring that youth don’t feel that they have to give up on furthering their education before they even start because of being unable to apply.”

For Youth Initiative is striving to make access to education more equitable. They have developed a strategy to work with youth to remove barriers from graduating from high school, accessing postsecondary education, and developing a career path. One of the key components in the strategy is financial support.

This year, the goal is to raise $50,000 to support 25 local youth and their families. We invite you to help end the cycle of inequity youth face from vulnerable communities across Toronto by contributing here.

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