Featured Founder: Natasha Mitchell of Inspire & Drive

Featuring Natasha Mitchell, Founder of Inspire and Drive!

Introducing Natasha! What keeps you busy?

Last year I was focussed on testing and creating two signature programs and my custom packages, and this year is about sharing them with a much wider audience. Most of my time is currently being spent on my social media and marketing campaigns, writing, speaking and video blogging to build my audience.

In addition, juggling a big corporate project and spending time with my online audience and private clients. In my spare time you might find me at the opera, theatre, spending time with loved ones and friends or planning my next travel adventure, Costa Rica!!

Before this, what did you do? How did you become an entrepreneur?

I have been a training and change management consultant for over 15 years, and during that time I worked for international consulting firms like IBM, PwC, KPMG as well as Fortune 500 companies in both internal and consulting roles. I reached a point in my career where every project began to look the same and I wanted more creative freedom and more fun. I started a social event-based business a few years ago, and learned a lot about what it takes to run a successful business.

In the process I discovered a gap in traditional ‘coaching’ models for business. Other entrepreneurs in my circle were experiencing the same challenge, i.e they wanted someone to show them how to design a successful business, and guide them on exactly how to implement their plans.

Drawing on my consulting background, I have adapted corporate consulting models so that they are understandable and easy for entrepreneurs at all levels of experience to apply in their own business.

What is your day-to-day schedule like?

There are 2 things I love about running my own business:

1) I can work the hours I want to; and
2) there is a lot of variety.

My day usually starts around 10am and can be spent in working sessions with my clients helping them implement their projects, designing and delivering my online programs, running or attending networking sessions or filming an online segment for Facebook Live or YouTube. I love learning, so you may find me exploring a new marketing or business technique or working on my mindset with methods like meditation, tapping, NLP. I am always exploring ways to get more out of business and life.

Where do you find inspiration?

My clients are a huge inspiration for me. I love exploring new ideas with them, and their energy and enthusiasm fuels me to do more in my own business too. I also get a lot of inspiration when I travel, seeing the colour and culture in other locations, trying out a new language and learning how other people manage situations and get things done.

What are the biggest challenges or obstacles you’ve faced as an entrepreneur?

My biggest challenge as an entrepreneur has been staying the course. Starting a business and building a consistent client base takes time and it can be very tempting to slide back into the ‘easy money’ corporate job again. Although I still work with corporate clients on special projects, I have set clear boundaries to allow plenty of time to focus on growing my core business for entrepreneurs.

What is one of the most important keys to success in your field?

Being able to quickly build rapport and trust with clients. As a consultant I regularly have ‘tough’ conversations with clients’ about things they need to improve or do differently in their business. For a client to get the best results we need to be able to have open and honest conversations about what is holding them back or not working, and they need to have a high level of trust in me to feel confident in trying new ways of doing things.

When do you feel most alive and ready to take on the world?

I am most alive and ready to take on the world when I am leading a workshop or working one-on-one with clients, and I see them have that ‘ah-ha’ moment that will really make a difference to them.

What was your experience like working with Now Creative Group to develop your branding, websites and graphics?

The team at Now Creative Group really captured my personality and my vision for my website. Throughout the process they listened to my ideas and were able to translate that into a visual brand that is a perfect reflection of me and my business. The team are not only extremely creative but they have a deep knowledge about sales and marketing and how to build an audience.

I keep coming back to them for support and guidance on the best marketing tactics to grow my business as well as all of the creative pieces.

What is your goal within the next 3 years?

I started my own business to have more freedom, so within the next 3 years I want to develop my business services using tools and technology that will allow me to work with clients from anywhere in the world. I also am working on creating repeatable structures and automation and developing a reliable team of support resources, like Now Creative Group, that will allow me to focus my time and energy on the things I do best:

“Helping my clients build their own successful businesses.”

What’s the best thing about being an entrepreneur?

  1. The freedom to decide who I work with.
  2. Complete creative license to try new tools and technology and new ways of doing things.
  3. Being able to work from wherever I want in the world.

Do you have any inspiration to share?

I believe that business and life should be fun and give you the freedom to do what you love. Design your business from the start with that end goal (or whatever your personal goal is) in mind.

“At every decision point or milestone, ask yourself: Will your action move you closer to or away from your ideal life and business? If the answer is no, do something different. It’s your business, your choice.”

Learn more about Natasha and her business at inspireanddrive.com.

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