Featured Founder: Lisa Clarke of laLa Wellness

How kids yoga is building a happier, healthier community

laLa Wellness promotes a love for body, breath and mind

Every morning when Lisa walks into the schools that she teaches in, there is no denying the buzz of excitement as the children find out where their yoga adventure will take them. Will they travel by hot air balloon to the rainforest where they’ll swing through the trees with monkeys? Will they march to the top of the highest mountain where they’ll play in a dragon cave? The possibilities are endless.

With the support Brampton Economic Development and Starter Company Program, entrepreneur Lisa Clarke has been given the gift of pursuing her passion, as a Registered Yoga Teacher and Certified Children’s and Family Yoga Instructor.

Lisa approached Now Creative Group looking to enhance her marketing materials and online presence for her startup. The Start Now Package covered her needs of Website, Print Materials and even Photography.

laLa Wellness Love and Light

She began teaching yoga in January 2015 and has since developed an unshakable passion for sharing her practice with children. As someone who has lived with mental un-wellness and knows first hand the detriments of not listening to and honouring her body, Lisa feels like she has an opportunity to make a difference in the well being of our community by teaching children how to care for their bodies and minds through yoga.

Why does laLa Wellness exist?

Early childhood is an important time to foster healthy habits that will contribute to a happier and healthier future for our community. Lisa has created programming that will bring yoga and mindfulness practices to children where they spend the majority of their time – at school and in daycare! By offering yoga as an accessible, non-competitive and inclusive extra-curricular, the educators in our community can partner with laLa wellness to plant seeds of self-awareness for a future filled with light.

When the imaginations of children are paired with the creative movement of yoga something really magical happens. They learn that there is a connection between their body and mind, and that they are in control of the adventure that is life with each and every breath they take.

Visit the website Now designed at lalawellness.ca to learn more about laLa wellness programming and the benefits of kids yoga, and for information on how to book a session for your school or family.

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