Featured Founder: Emily O’Brien of Gatherr

Introducing Emily O’Brien! What does your startup offer?

Gatherr is a Social Media Marketing Consulting firm that assists brands and influencers grow their audience and engagement on Instagram and other visually appealing social networks.

We will sit down with a client and assess their needs and go from there. Whether it’s social media management or content creation; we create a plan that will allow them to grow their following

Before this, what did you do, and how did you transition?

I was working at ad agency, which involved a lot of travelling. I was constantly meeting new people, and we would connect on social media, especially Instagram. I found a lot of people would complement me on my pictures. That’s when I thought; if I could bring value to my feed then I could also do the same for organizations social media channels.

I worked on Gatherr part-time for about a year, and eventually I was able to transition to a fully functioning social media marketing consulting firm. I’ve been doing it full time since then.

What is your everyday schedule like?

It’s pretty hectic. It really depends on what my clients need that day. I usually spend my Monday doing finance and planning for the week. The rest of the week I am running around to different meetings. Evenings are almost always spent at an event.

It’s very important that I squeeze in workouts during my week. Luckily I have a trainer that pushes me. I aim for three times a week.

Where do you find inspiration?

I love following successful business people on social media. I like to see what they are posting and how they are engaging with their audience. I get very inspired from their platforms.

Someone who has had a great impact on me in the past years as an entrepreneur is my Business coach, Sue B. Zimmerman. She has a similar business in the States. I reached out to her through Instagram when I started Gatherr. I’ll go to her for advice or with any concerns I may have. She’s been such a great help in growing a successful business.

What are the biggest challenges or obstacles you’ve faced as an entrepreneur?

I’d have to say the lack of a set schedule. It’s exciting, not knowing what your day may look like, but it can be very exhausting.

What is one of the most important keys to success in your field?

This may seem like an obvious answer, but always being accountable. Always deliver on your promises.

What is your experience working with Now Creative Group?

Now Creative Group helped me create a website for my personal brand, and we’ve been working together on PR related projects. I met them at one of their Training Tuesday’s where I moderated a workshop. The team and I clicked right away. When I started thinking about growing my personal brand, it was obvious to me that Now would be the perfect team to collaborate with on this.

It’s been a great experience. The team is very close and they work well together. I’m very happy to be working with them.


What is your goal within the next 5 years years? Where would you like to be?

I’d love to expand Gatherr. I have a few clients in different cities across the country, but I’d love to grow in Montreal, Vancouver and Calgary.

What’s the best thing about being an entrepreneur?

The best part about my job is the freedom to be creative in my own way.

What is one of your favourite quotes?

“I always find beauty in things that are odd & imperfect – they are much more interesting”
— Marc Jacobs

Have Emily speak or cover your next event by emailing mikhaila@nowcreativegroup.com. Learn more about Emily’s platform at Gatherr.ca

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