Why Explainer Videos are Perfect for Startups

It is well-known today that using video in general is a very effective way to make an impact, leaving a memorable impression on your target audience and customer bases.

Where explainer videos differ from other forms of video marketing, however, is that they demonstrate the purpose of your product or service in an informative and engaging way, MarketingProfs explains. This is a great way to add value, build trust in your company, and grow your brand.

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Explainer Videos

Each of these reasons is explained here.

  1. Explainer videos are the new user manuals

  2. Give life to your presentations

  3. Generate high traffic

  4. Explainer videos offer clarity

  5. Add personality to your business

Below are several explains for Now Creative Group’s explainer videos. They range in style from custom animated graphics to stop-motion to in-person interviews. We’ve labeled them by which type of video they are.

Explainer Video, Custom Animation/Graphics

Explainer Video, Custom Animation

Startup Explainer Video, Simple Animation

Startup Explainer Video, Stop-Motion Animation

Storytelling/Informational with Interviews

Interview Introduction to Services/Company and Team

Custom Talk Show-Style Informational Video

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