Don’t Just Build an App: Build a Business

It all starts with an idea. An idea that wakes you up in the middle of the night. An idea that constantly rattles inside your head, begging to be vetted. An idea for an app.

Many apps start this way, with dreams of making large sums of money capitalizing on the mobile device movement currently in play. Truth of the matter, though, is that less than 1% actually become financially viable. Not being prepared is usually their downfall, says Anthony Bartolo.

Tips on How to Build a Business, Not Just an App

Here are 4 tips from this Microsoft Technical Evangelist:

  1. Define your strategy

  2. Create based on need

  3. Plan your presence

  4. Learn from failure

For a description of each of these 4 tips, read the full post on YouInc.com.

“Building a business instead of just an app can provide longevity and further success beyond the initial premonitions thought of in regards to the preliminary offering of your app. While app creation can be lucrative, be of mind to think that your success will be a byproduct of your passion. Enablement of your audience is the key to your success.”

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