Designing for Citizens

Designing for clearer communications on social services and public policies

Now Creative Group partners with Design for Citizens

Through Design for Citizens, the Now team will serve as the creative direction and visual design arm to create clear, custom visuals that clarify public policies and social services for disadvantaged groups, beginning in Ottawa and expanding to Toronto and beyond.

Design for Citizens works closely with clients and consults the users of the information to identify how we can design better information. The design process is iterative and involves observing how citizens use the information and what struggles they encounter. Through a client briefing, research, ideation process, prototype and revisions, we have a program to cater specifically to these organizations.

The Problem & Our Solution

Information available to citizens accessing public information and services can be confusing or incomplete. This limits the opportunities that citizens have and excludes the most marginalized of society from accessing important social services and understanding public policies. We aim to solve this problem by closing the information gap that exist, so that all citizens can fully participate in society.

One of our solutions is to design customized fold-outs that clarify public policies and social services. They are designed in consultation with partner organizations and citizens who stand to gain an opportunity from the visual representation of information.

We believe that by removing the information barriers that prevent citizens from participating in civic society, they will become better educated, empowered and civically engaged.

Public by Design

When accessing social services or understanding important public policies, citizens need the right information that is presented in a way that is tailored to their needs. Too often, this is not the case. Groups that rely on these social services or that are significantly affected by these public policies end up being marginalized.

The Public by Design program aims to create visual fold-outs that are customized for these groups to help them navigate social services and to clarify how certain public policies affect them.

Initial project are offered at no cost to the organizations.

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