Crowdfunding Creativity

Over the last few months we’ve had the opportunity to work with and support several crowdfunding campaigns. So we’ve decided to showcase some that are currently active, in time for Christmas, along with some successes. (Crowdfunding is of course the collective effort of a large number of people who pool small amounts of money to finance a business venture or social project).

Success Story Empathy Toys by Twenty One Toys

The Empathy & Creative Dialogue Toy is a 3D puzzle game that challenges players to place themselves in each other’s shoes. It’s an easy to use game that leads to surprisingly complex insights from its players. This campaign was successfully funded last December. Watch the full story on Canadian Creatives below.

Success Story Smart Clothes by AEON

AEON Attire has created the Touchpoint Glove, premium leather gloves with nanotechnology that allows you to stay connected seamlessly and stylishly. Complete control at your fingertips. Their campaign was successfully funded with over 500 backers last December. Watch the full story on Canadian Creatives below.

Watch Now Mally McKee, The Missing Pie Caper

Our good friend launched a Kickstarter campaign for his first-ever children’s book, completely written, illustrated and designed by Jay himself over several months. Read our Behind the Scenes process and watch the video. See how Now Creative Group can create a video for your crowdfunding project. Watch his story below.

Live Now Creative Co-Working Community in Brampton

LAB•B is home to a community of creative entrepreneurs and freelancers. As Brampton’s first coworking space, a membership means an alternative to working at home or in a coffee shop, a chance to share ideas, build networks, and to collaborate on new opportunities.

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Why to use video for your crowdfunding campaign

How can you stand out from the crowd? Video is more powerful than text online. Read our top reasons why businesses should consider using video in their crowdfunding campaigns on our blog, here.

Crowdfunding Support

Now Creative Group can help you get your campaign started. Services include:

Considering Crowdfunding

  • Video Production
  • Explainer Infographics
  • Social Media Posts, Content, Scheduling
  • Graphics for Campaign Page
  • Copy-Writing, Blogging

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