Cipher: A coding community for young creators

Inspiring a Community of Creators: A collaborative approach to teaching code to students

Cipher is on a mission to make coding education universal, free and life-changing for youth. This innovative youth-led code-oriented community recently launched for students in the Peel Region, where the program was created by 4 high schools students.

The Now Creative Group team has supported Cipher in designing a strong visual identity and facilitating discussions on consistent branding and messaging with students. Darryl Hans Lee has been volunteering, working closely with ACCESS and Cipher, to establish the identity and graphic elements.

Project Cipher Brainstorming Meeting 1

The community created around Cipher will work in tandem to explore, experiment and hack with various programming languages, fostering an engaging community through a season of Cipher Circles and their first event, Campfire this month.

Project Cipher Brainstorming Meeting 2Cipher is a launching pad into the world of programming for high schoolers.

An innovation on traditional education, Cipher adopts the element of community from school, but breaks the student-teacher hierarchy, opting for peer-to-peer learning. The community offers a more effective model of learning, while maintaining the crucial element of collaboration. They describe learning as social, inspiring, yet competitive atmosphere.

Campfire Conference: A chance to see this community in action

Cipher’s Campfire Conference is being hosted on August 20 with the aim of discussing community-centric learning with students. Speakers will present on topics pertaining to community, education, programming and technology. Cipher promotes learning through an inclusive community; speakers are encouraged to evoke that same atmosphere. We want you to help us create a community of forward-thinkers within the Peel Region. Help us crack the code.

Campfire is a conference for secondary school students featuring industry professional speakers from start-ups, established companies, and freelancers.

The event features accomplished speakers in the tech and design space including Ali Zahid, co-founder of Vanhawks, Annie Zhang of Pivotal Labs & NSpire, Humayun Khan of Tiny Hearts, Michael Hofweller of OK Grow! and Mark Reale of BNotions.

You can register for the Campfire Conference at campfire.projectcipher.io.

Cipher Campfire 2015

Cipher Circles: Ongoing programming

Cipher Redwood WorkingCipher’s primary program is a pilot season that will launch in September as an 8-month term consisting of Cipher Circles sessions. Each series is running on a flexible timeline to accommodate the needs of the community and featuring a different concept or programming language for each series.

Cipher will introduce enough of a particular language in order for one to hack together a small project, but not delve into mastering it. When learning a programming language, there is exponential growth at first, but it quickly plateaus. Cipher wants to continually hit that stride over a variety of languages.

Co-founder Jevin Sidhu explains the origination and overall goals in the blog post, Don’t Code Alone.

Register for the Campfire Conference at campfire.projectcipher.io or learn more about Cipher at ProjectCipher.ca.

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