Businesses Making an Impact: Canadian Companies Contributing Through COVID-19

In the midst of this global pandemic, staying positive has now become more important than ever before. Though the challenges and fear that surrounds this public health crisis has impacted us all, it has also shown us the inspiring acts of kindness from people all around the world.

In addition to the everyday Canadians who are coming together to support each other, a number of brands are also doing their part to help support our healthcare heroes and the community, including their customers.

As social good and community are core at Now Creative Group, we are highlighting a few brands that are giving back when we need it most.


Telus is standing with Canadian owners at a time of distance. Not only did they make a commitment of $500,000 to support small business owners, they asked Canadians to help distribute it by purchasing gift cards. In just 4 days, 20,000 Canadians participated and reached the goal!

Now Creative Group has had the opportunity to work on the incredible #StandWithOwners national campaign.


Zvelle is a women’s accessories brand that aims to produce high-quality accessories that each tell a different story, founded in 2015 by Elle Ayoubzadeh. One of their main goals is to design products that last for years. In the midst of COVID-19, Elle launched a social media campaign to honour and give exposure to female healthcare workers.

The winners from the campaign were awarded a pair of Stowe sandals named after Canada’s first female physician, Emily Stowe. She is now on a mission to give comfort to the brides whose wedding plans have been disrupted by the pandemic. Zvelle and Weddingbells have partnered together to launch #WalkTheAisleHowYouwant, where three lucky Wife-To-Bes who will be selected and given one of the three exclusive shoe styles designed by the company. 


Mondou is one of Canada’s leading brands in animal products and services since its launch in 1938, and the company has over 65 stores all across Quebec. In addition to carrying a variety of products, they also offer grooming services, nail trimming and much more. 

The company recently started an initiative to help local communities by donating $110,000 worth of products and “gift cards” to Moisson Montréal and other animal shelters. They plan to continue giving back by donating canned animal food to animal food banks across Quebec.

Canada Goose

For generations, Canada goose has been a symbol of strength and success for Canada in the global fashion industry. The renowned brand has always been there to help keep Canadians warm during the cold winters. But recently, they have gone the extra mile to protect frontline health workers. 

As a way to continue supporting Canadians during the Pandemic, Canada Goose has announced to open all eight of its facilities at full capacity to produce Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). They intend to produce 60,000 gowns per week, aiming for 1.5 million gowns in total. In addition, any “unintentional profit” realized would be donated to relief funds dedicated to COVID-19.

Camp Brand Goods

Inspired by the great Canadian outdoors, Connor and Leslie Gould have dedicated their brand to creating high-quality fleece and casual wear that not only reflects the naturistic lifestyle but also encourages those who do the same.

In light of recent events, the label has launched a collection called “The Great Indoors” where 50% of sales go directly to support the COVID-19 Hospital & Healthcare Fund and other relief efforts.


In times of fear and uncertainty, those who are offering a helping hand give a beacon of hope to the rest of the world. Nobis, a prominent Canadian luxury outerwear brand, has always valued the importance of community. This is why the company is working to support those fighting against the spread of the global pandemic.

In recognition of the remarkable sacrifices made by our fellow Canadians in the ongoing battle against COVID-19, Nobis has donated $100,000 to local hospitals across Ontario. Additionally, the brand has proudly announced that 100 percent of the proceeds from their online sales will go directly to support healthcare heroes in urgent need of supplies and Personal Protective Equipment. 


Witly is a clothing and branding company that specializes in producing apparel and creating e-commerce platforms for brands and their fans, based in Hamilton, Ontario. Since its launch in 2012, Witly has become one of the many successful local businesses in Canada.

As a way of giving back to their community during this difficult time, they have created a platform to support artists, freelancers and small businesses that have been affected by COVID-19. Through this initiative, Witly will produce and manufacture T-shirts with printed designs created by Canadian artists. All profits from the purchase of these T-shirts will be donated to Canadian healthcare organizations.


Arc’teryx is a Vancouver based company that specializes in designing winter jackets, accessories and mounting climbing equipment.

Recently, the brand has shifted all its efforts from manufacturing outdoor gear to creating life-protecting hospital gowns for BC’s health workers. To support healthcare workers, they immediately started teaming up with sewers, engineers and pattern makers to develop a reusable medical gown. Arc’teryx has now decided to produce 30,000 reusable medical gowns to address the shortages currently faced by the healthcare industry. The company has also created an initiative to recognize “unsung” heroes, AKA unknown heroes, to acknowledge the daily sacrifices of medical workers.

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