Setting Yourself Apart: How to Build Your Personal Brand

What Defines You?

How to Build Your Personal Brand

Now Creative Group supports professionals and companies find their brand voice within the community. What defines you? Personal branding is the perceived image and impression you give off online. A personal brand is important because it represents what makes you special, and what sets you apart in your industry. Using your personal brand wisely will help you build contacts, grow your network and launch your career. To get started, here are 6 steps to build your personal brand.


  1. Define your Goals: At the end of the day, what do you want to accomplish? By listing your short term and long term goals, it will become much easier to present your personal brand online.
  2. Differentiate Yourself: There are several people out there who have the same specialty as you. Stand independent and fearless from the crowd. What makes you different and how can you use that to your advantage to set yourself apart? Leverage attention by being unique.
  3. Be Authentic: It’s key to be authentic online. People can see through the lies and the glamourous filters you can impose on your online presence. Speak truthfully and you will instill trust in others.
  4. Build: Your portfolio is your way to showcase your skills and your abilities. You can use a website or blog to share your portfolio online. Allowing future employers or future clients to easily access all your previous work will make their life easier, therefore sparking more interest. Always include a small description of each project.
  5. Consistency: Your brand voice should be consistent on all channels and offline. As previously mentioned, authenticity is key. If you stick with your most true self, online and offline, consistency won’t be an area of concern. Knowing what your stand for and sticking with that will get help you establish a strong personal brand.
  6. Network: Get yourself known by attending conferences and events like DYPB or Training Tuesday. Meeting people offline can ensure your authenticity, and grow your online presence. You will be able to meet others in your industry, as well as possibly meet your next client!


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