Better the World, Balance Your Books: Financial Literacy Program for Young Social Entrepreneurs

Online educational platform designed and developed by Now Creative Group

CatalystsX launched a free financial literacy program to help young social entrepreneurs navigate financial skills at FinancialLit.ca

Better the World, Balance Your Books was created in response to social entrepreneurs lacking confidence in their financial skills and habits. The toolkit gives young people the financial background to make an impact in their communities.

“Even though I’ve started many organizations, the finances still freaked me out,” said Victoria Alleyne, CEO of CatalystsX. “And I realized I wasn’t alone. Charities, grassroots, for-profit social good companies and freelancers, most people struggle with figuring out the finances.”

Better the World, Balance Your Books includes an interactive and user-friendly website exploring topics such as budgeting, cash flow planning and bookkeeping. Plus, in hopes of decreasing the overwhelm of finding trusted professionals, the site has a list of trusted financial experts who have committed to serving small businesses and organizations fairly.

In addition to the website, CatalystsX has five interactive workshop modules which it provides to community organizations and educational institutions across the country.

The website and brand were developed and designed by Now Creative Group, who also hosted the pilot workshop series at their Toronto space, Now Common.

The toolkit was put together by a team with diverse backgrounds, ranging from professional financial mentors for young social entrepreneurs to certified accountants, arts, co-operatives, and renewable energy entrepreneurship.

The free drop-in launch event in November in Toronto provided a chance for people to bring their burning financial concerns and informally figure them out with those present, ranging from experts to fellow social entrepreneurs.

While many ages will find Better the World, Balance Your Books to be useful, it also aligns well with new provincial educational plans. The Ministry of Education is rolling out pilot projects at 28 high schools in Ontario for financial literacy to become part of the Grade 10 curriculum.

“Our focus is on how to best prepare Ontario students to succeed in this constantly changing, technology-driven world,” said Mitzie Hunter, Minister of Education in a recent interview. “By providing students with an enhanced career studies course, mandatory financial literacy and offering
more hands-on learning opportunities, students can gain the skills they need to succeed now and in the future.”

Access the free Better the World, Balance Your Books resource at financiallit.ca.

About CatalystsX
CatalystsX is a non-profit which cultivates and accelerates changemakers with people, resources, and opportunities to survive and thrive. For further details, please contact Victoria Alleyne, CEO, CatalystsX at victoria@catalystsx.ca. Learn more about the organization at catalystsx.ca.

Better the World Balance Your Books was made possible by the generous support of the Ontario Trillium Foundation.

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