Engagement Metrics: Why Yours Don’t Make Sense

Admit it, your engagement metrics don’t make any sense. As a creative agency we are are often approached by clients with a digital campaign in mind where they claim their goal is to increase sales and brand awareness by producing content that will get them social media shares, website impressions and views on YouTube. The […]

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Selling Meaning, Not Services

Innovation through creating new products or services and then selling their value, does not guarantee success anymore. We are in an age where being understood by brands no longer surprises customers because it’s expected that every part of the buying journey caters to their individual needs and desires. Brands thrive for Attention and Awareness but need Affinity too. Sales […]

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Why Marketing Needs to Embrace the Digital Machine

It is no secret that the rapid rise of digital and social content online has forced nearly every company at some point, to think of themselves as a technology company. As a recent article in the Harvard Business Review highlights, despite having a new arsenal of digital weapons, marketers are still struggling to adapt and leverage technology to […]

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