Audio freedom with Alto Earbuds

ALTO launches crowdfunding campaign

Music is the most powerful form of sound — it taps into our emotional state. If you are passionate about music, ALTO has created a product to help give you the world’s best listening experience in a simple and elegant format.

This Toronto-based startup launched its first crowdfunding campaign on September 1.

Now Creative Group worked collaboratively to produce the crowdfunding campaign Video, Product Photography, and Infographics to explain the campaign and product.

“At ALTO, we believe that with the right earbuds, we can create a new sense of freedom and convenience for users. Our “cordless” design will expand your listening capabilities and allow you to enjoy your music, regardless of where you are. Whether you are having an intense match of tennis, or trying to enjoy music while lying down on your side, ALTO feels natural. ALTO earbuds are incredibly small, elegant and comfortable.” — Ahmed Ali

The startup combines technology and lifestyle, to provide everyone, from fitness gurus, music lovers, to audiobook listeners, a new level of convenience in their daily lives.

“We are very excited about the product and we are confident that you will be too. Please help us bring ALTO into reality. With your help, we can revolutionize the listening experience forever, together.”

ALTO is a diverse, young and energetic team with various backgrounds, ranging from engineering, business to design, who are proudly Canadian.

You can learn more and back the project here.

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