Amplify Your Podcast: Cross-Promotion as a Marketing Strategy

Podcast listening is on the rise, but discovering new, relevant shows easily continues to be a challenge. One very effective, yet often underutilized way to get your podcast in front of new potential listeners is by promoting to other podcast listeners.

Cross-promotion can help podcasts expand the marketing reach of their content. Leveraging other audiences is one of the fastest ways to see an ROI. By utilizing this strategy, podcasters are now able to give each other the publicity they need to grow their audiences while enhancing value to their target demographic.

If you are able to cross-promote with an established podcast, it will boost your traffic and provide your show with more credibility. The added benefit is that this is a cost-effective marketing strategy.

Discover other podcasts to partner with using a site like Radio Guestlist. Here’s what you should consider if you’re thinking about cross-promoting with other podcasts:

Use different channels to cross-promote your podcast

Cross-promoting your podcast can be done in a few different ways. Does it make sense for you to do a guest spot on another podcast show or participate in an interview? Guest spots involve appearing on a show – for instance, as a co-host or interviewee. Should you have the other podcast show play a clip of your podcast on theirs, almost like an inserted ad? There are various ways to cross-promote your podcast on other shows.

Take advantage of cross-promotion for your podcast by using social media and other forms of content such as blog posts. Create partnerships with other podcasters to share strategic posts about your podcast on their social media channels and promote their podcast on your channels. If your business has a blog, consider asking other podcasts if they would be interested in doing a content swap to share written content related to your podcast show. Content swaps are effective because they allow you to educate audiences that you may not have had access to prior while providing your podcast with additional PR.

Find strategic cross-promotional relationships

It won’t make sense for you to cross-promote with just any podcast. You will need to strategically determine which shows make the most sense to share on your podcast and if sharing yours on theirs will be an effective strategy. This relationship should be mutually beneficial for both parties since the other podcast can also leverage your podcast audience to gain new listeners. It’s important to determine how both of you can benefit from the cross-promotion strategy in a natural way and enhance each other’s content. If you can’t, then it may not be the right fit.

For example, if you host a business podcast, it likely won’t make much sense to promote your show on a podcast about politics. If you share a podcast that has content completely unrelated to your audience, you will quickly turn your listeners off. In order to find the right podcasts to cross-promote with, consider podcasts that have audiences that would be likely to be interested in the genre of your podcast. If your podcast is about business, then it might make sense to cross-promote on a productivity podcast since they relate. You might consider continuing a cross-promotional relationship with the same podcasts if you see audience traction.

Another factor to consider when it comes to cross-promotion compatibility is ensuring the podcast audience sizes are in the same range. It will likely be an easier sell to find podcasts that are at a similar stage as your own to cross-promote with. You won’t have your pick of the litter if you’re an early-stage podcast, but as your audience grows, your options for cross-promotion will grow in tandem.

Ready to get started?

Cross-promotion is an effective way to increase the listenership for your podcast. Build strategic partnerships with other podcasts to discover new audiences. Whether it’s cross-promoting on the actual podcast show or using other forms of content, the benefits of cross-promotion are evident. An agency like Now Creative Group can help you to create compelling blog content and manage your social media so you can level up your cross-promotion strategy.

Want to dive deep into the world of podcasting?

Join us at the Listen In Podcasting Conference in LA in 2021. Whether you see the potential value of creating your own branded podcast, are looking to advertise on existing podcasts or some combination of the two, this conference is focused on providing the insight you need to make decisions and move forward in this relatively new medium.

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