Empowering readers to take social action online with Actback

User Interface Design and Logo for Actback

News stories stir up a lot of passion. Readers are intrigued and outraged, but they don’t know what to do so they move on. Their emotions fade and a lot of potential for engagement is lost.

Actback is a widget that empowers people moved by stories to take action. Publications add an Actback button or popup to their stories so readers who are moved can take action immediately.

The Actback “take action” button embeds in stories on news sites and blogs. It empower people to make a difference the moment they care most, without leaving their current site. This gives readers a “superhero sense of satisfaction” from reading the news — creating real audience engagement.

Designing the Visual Identity

Actback Logo Displayed

Now Creative Group designed the visual identity as an icon, simple enough to be identified on news websites and blogs across the internet as a button to take action. The recognizable heart paired with a lightning bolt refers to the inspiration, motivation and positive action taken as a result of what’s being read online.

The vibrant colour scheme was selected to complement the positivity associated with making a difference, and creating positive change. The Actback logo and button colour were established to create a sense of importance (without being a primary red as used with a specific cause or charity such as Red Cross).

User Interface Design

From wire-framing to design, the Now team worked with Actback on taking this social-good project vision into a reality.

The startup’s goal was to design an MVP that’s quick and clean enough for any publication to host on their site, but explains:

“At the same time, the branding had to be exciting enough to start a movement in it’s own right, not just as a behind the scenes tool. Now worked to convey the powerful satisfaction of social participation and the empowering feeling of making a difference.”

The project included a design of the public site to market and explain the tool (About page shown below and live at ActBack.com) as well as the detailed Dashboard system (available for online publications who create an account).

Actback About

Throughout the process we provided iterations based on feedback from the founder and potential users. One of the original wireframes is shown below, followed by the current live site.

Actback Home

Home Wireframe

Charities can reach supporters when they care, at the moment they’re informed. Publishers can let their audience take action beyond just consuming content. Everyday people can take action as an individual and post causes/actions that are important to them.

Users and publications can create accounts at ActBack.com today.

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