10 Places to Fuel Your Hustle in Toronto

Entrepreneurship is a never-ending journey and although the more work you put determines your destination, it can also be a direct route to over exhaustion. Which is why hard work should be integrated with self-care.

As Now Creative Group recently moved into a new location, the team has decided to curate 10 places to fuel your hustle in downtown Toronto — simply minutes away from the studio on Queen West.

1 | Cafe Crepe

246 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1Z7

The secret to a good day is often said to be a good breakfast. This local spot offers a unique array of savoury crepes to ignite your taste buds along with French-inspired breakfast options. Don’t forget to end your meal with some dessert!

2 | Early Bird Coffee & Kitchen

613 Queen St W, Toronto

The industrial outlook of this café with exposed red bricks offers an incredibly aesthetic space while the small sized room provides for you the kind of personal space you need to organize your thoughts — if you can get a seat, that is. Give your mornings a kickstart with a quality cup of coffee and a well thought out day plan. Did we mention that they also have an eye-catching breakfast menu?

3 | Soho Innovation Lab

260 Queen St. W (Third Floor), Toronto

Where you work plays a huge role in the quality of your work. Soho Innovation Lab — not to be confused with Soho House — offers entrepreneurs and growing businesses a refreshing workspace with a number of other benefits such as startup funding, mentorship and access to exclusive events in the beautiful, bright space. However, the best part of being a part of an entrepreneurial community is the networking opportunities made available. Grab yourself a cup of complimentary iced coffee or beer and engage in discussions with other innovators — a great opportunity for you to grow, inspire and get inspired by the innovative culture.

4 | Barry’s Bootcamp

310 Richmond St. West Unit 1, Toronto

Hustle for the muscle with Barry’s Bootcamp. Nothing sets the mind right like a good workout, especially at the start of your day. With 50 minutes classes tailored to fit your style, you are sure to achieve your dream body in no time. It happens to also be known as the best workout place in the world; no wonder David Bekham, Kim Kardashian and Jake Gyllenhaal are all such big fans.

5 | Fresh on Spadina

147 Spadina Avenue, Toronto

They say you are what you eat and what can be better than being healthy? This restaurant has set out on a mission to end the stereotype of green being gross with several varieties of rice bowls, smoothies, salads and other healthy eats. Start cleansing your diet and reap the benefits when you are caught up on your day’s work.

6 | Graffiti Alley

513 Queen St W, Toronto

A one-kilometer worth of inspiration awaits you. The narrow alley showcases the work of some of the renowned street artists and tells the unique stories of Toronto. Having a block? Head over there to fuel your creativity.

7 | Grange Park

Beverley St & McCaul Street, Toronto

Clarity is key in life. If you need a quiet escape from the noisiness of the hustling scene to clear and reprogram your mind, head over to the vibrant and versatile space where you can relax or take part in outdoor activities. Sometimes, the only way to move forward, is to simply reflect on the past. Besides, we hear a stroll within nature always helps to restore peace and harmony in your life.

8 | Cacao 70 Eatery

485 Queen Street West Toronto

Stress eating is a real thing and sugar is super effective at getting into your head (releasing dopamine), which is why this heavenly spot made it to our list. Cacao 70 is any chocolate lover’s dream and offers cocoa smothered dishes in all shapes and sizes. But don’t worry if you do not have a sweet tooth, you can go for their brunch options instead.

9 | The Ballroom

145 John St, Toronto

Every competitive hard-worker needs a break to revitalize once in a while and what better way is there to spend the break if not drinking it off with friends and engaging in competitive bowling battles? The place is more than just a bowling alley — it is a go-to spot when it comes to entertainment in the area. Eat, drink and bowl away the day’s workload.

10 | Laya Spa and Yoga

986 Queen St W, Toronto

I must end our list the way everyone should end (or even start) their hustling week. Add this as your destination spot if you are planning for a retreat. Laya is a place for you to heal and rejuvenate. From $10 yoga classes every Monday to full massage therapies, monthly plans and other spa essentials, the place has it all when it comes to pampering yourself; only to send you back to your hustling with some tranquillity.

Interested in visiting Now Creative Group at our new space? We invite you to join our Meetup group for upcoming free events!

Article by Lamisaa Mahmud

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